What Parents Say

What Parents Say

“We try to make time for the SleepTalk every night, and so to confirm for her that how much we love her.She can hang on it and may dream about it. It feels really good to see that how confident and strong our six years old daughter has became.It is an amazing feeling to see that, how she is able to express her emotions, and recognizes and names what’s going on within her. It shows such a healthy and mature mentality, that is breath taking!Life is in turmoil around us, we have fallen into a situation that should hit a child hard and pull the ground off beneath her, but she is able to stand strong and remain who she is.In the past, when she was tired it took her off and she got tantrums and just wasn’t able to control herself. Nothing helped, no hugging, no love, nothing.Recently it happened twice only, and she was able to tell the reason of her tantrum, so we can do something about it next time.We believe that this ability is there in every children. And it is a very important job to help this power to manifest and become to be a permanent strength. We owe you and the SleepTalk method a lot of thanks and gratitude.

Thank you very much,”Erzsébet’s parents


“If not quite “lege artis” but use the method and, if didn’t happen too much at the beginning, we didn’t give up. As it turned out, sometimes bough of us done it on the same night at different times.In the first two month the only thing that I realised was, I began to love my children more. I haven’t thought it was possible because I loved the already. But now I started to see them through different glasses. I watched them as they slept, and I forgave them for all the naughty things of the day and for they laziness…  I began to accept they flaws too!So those words did influence me for certain.”

Then interesting things started to happen recently.Becse -the main target- is 12 years old and marching towards puberty. All my friends are complaining about their same aged children: they are arrogant, introvert, unmanageable.I can’t say anything like that! Becse is helpful, we are talking more and more, we are doing more and more things together. He has his own opinion, that’s for sure and he more and more likes to meet new people, but at the same time we have his full respect.Also, he perform better in school.Kende, our other son, always wanted to measure up so, as parent, I cant complain about it. Only, he had mood changes and tantrums. But now he can manage his moods much better. Now he admits when he need to eat or drink or to have a rest, and he can manage himself, or lets us to help him.So, if it hasn’t came easily, now we definitely feel the changes.

Thank you for your help!”